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About our company

Finbridge group1 is a group of companies united by the common participant. The goal of the group is to expand the variety of financial products: providing the population with microloans, online loan service, small business loans, car-pledge online loans, and investment attraction in accordance with the federal law of Russian Federation.

In 2015, a group of companies founded the «Dobro Srazu» Charitable Foundation to organize regular social and charitable activities. During this time, thousands of people and hundreds of organizations received help. Statement by general manager Leonid Kornilov Finbridge CEO about Black and White Lenders Market Presentation Finbridge 12m2020 Online conference Finbridge 9m2020 Finbridge Group: Results of 2020 Finbridge Group Online Conference: 2020 Results

Since 2011 Launched in Russia
~ 2 billion rubles Total portfolio
> 300 Offices in Russia
> 2000 Members in staff
TOP 3 By loan volume and portfolio2
10 billion rubles Loan volume in 2020
> 1184K Regular customers
3 Countries
1Finbridge group includes the following microloan companies: MKK Scorefin LLC, MKK MSB Online LLC, Microloan company of multipurpose financing LLC, MKK Elvas LLC, MFK New Financing LLC.
2According to ranking "NRA" and "Ekspert RA"

Igor Vishnyakov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

It all started back in 2011 when a group of partners established a microloan company. At that time the microloan market was at its dawn in Russia. In a few month the business model was designed, the strategy was determined, and the goals and the mission were set. In the first year alone 40 offices were opened.

The business fundamentals that were accepted while creating the Finbridge company proved to be effective. During 10 years of performance the regional company turned into a national one and provides its services all over Russia.


The Structure Of Our Loans

Total amount of loans given in 2020 by Finbridge Group 826K
Total loan sum in 2020 given by Finbridge Group 10 billion

Dengi srazu is the largest national microfinancial company with 300 offices in 160 cities in Russia and over 700 thousand clients.

Lemon.online is a loan service for small businesses. It gives loans to individual entrepreneurs all over Russia without any pledge or guarantors. The borrowed money is transferred to any bank account.

Oneclickmoney is an organization that gives microloans from 500 to 30 000 rubles for up to 21 days.

  • Total amount of loans means all the microloans (cumulative number) given by all the participants of the company group according to the accounting report in 2019.
  • Total loan sum in 2019 means cumulative sum of all the loans given by all the participants of the company group according to the accounting report in 2019.
Share of loans in the company group portfolio
  • Since 2011
    4,8 billion in 2020
    The main activity is giving loans on 160 cities in Russia.
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  • Since 2018
    0,31 billion in 2020
    The main activity is giving loans to individual entrepreneurs and LLCs.
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  • Since 2013
    4,3 billion in 2020
    The main activity of the company is giving loans online.
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  • Since 2018
    0,62 billion in 2020
    The main activity of the company is giving loans online.
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Development strategy

  • Growth in the volume of loans issued by 50% per year due to the expansion of the consumer product line (Installment loans (IL), PDL,).
  • Launching new brands and expanding remote online channels - mobile applications, sales through instant messengers and chat bots.
  • Pilot projects for the development of alternative financial products for individuals and small businesses.
  • Diversification of funding sources: issuing exchange-traded bonds, attracting bank loans, cooperation with the largest P2P platforms and attracting retail investors.

The strategy of the Finbridge company states the continuous development of its business in Russia.

Since 2019 the financial group Finbridge has actively attracted private investors offering them investments starting at 1.5 million rubles for the minimum period of 1 year and 21% interest rate.

*Fundraising is carried out by "MKF NOVOE FINANSIROVANIE" LLC in strict accordance with applicable law.

How Finbridge Group gets its income

  1. Individuals and legal entities place their money into Finbridge Group, and thus they become its investors.
  2. Individuals get loans from Finbridge group and become its borrowers.
  3. The borrowers pay off the money back to Finbridge group and the interest.
  4. The Finbridge group uses the interest received from the borrowers to pay the investors.
Our scoring system is one of the best systems on the market. It ensures minimal risks and a high rate of the loan repayment. The difference between the interest received and the interest paid makes the income part of the Finbridge Group.

We will help you to save your money and increase your savings

High profitability of "MFK NOVOE FINANSIROVANIE" LLC investments can be explained by following facts

"MFK NOVOE FINANSIROVANIE" LLC, unlike the banks, does not depend on the key rate when attracting the clients’ investments

Net profitability of the loan is between 35% and 60% with the average period of turnover 120 days

The microfinancial profitability is higher than the bank one due to the loan business model

Finbridge group conducts business on the financial market in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation and the requirements of the controlling organizations

Operational business of the Finbridge company is controlled by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and Rosinfomonitoring.

Every year we file audited financial report to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Audited reports

Finbridge Group has all the necessary permits for conducting business on the microfinancial market:

Certificate of entry in the Unified State Register of Microfinancial organizations

Download pdf |  2.2Mb

Registered in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation since 2016

Download pdf |  531kb

Finbridge Group is the partner of the big banks listed as the most important banks in Russia according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Financial indicators of Finbridge Group prove reliability and stable growth of the company

Media about us


In 2016 Finbridge was accredited as microfinancial company, and in 2019 we present an opportunity for private investors to invest their money with 21% interest rate. The interest is paid monthly and can be transferred to any bank account. If necessary the money can be withdrawn ahead of schedule.

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Mechanics of investing is the following. Individuals and entities place their money into the microfinancial organization, thus becoming its investors. The money received from the investors are issued to the borrowers in different forms of microloans - Installment loan, PDL and others.

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Since 2019 financial group Finbridge attracts private investments, offering deposits starting at 1.5 million rubles for minimum 1 year with 18-21% interest rate. The high interest rate is provided due to high profitability of the business model of the microfinancial company.

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*Information provided in relation to "MFK NOVOE FINANSIROVANIE" LLC

We will help you to save your money and increase your savings

Interest rates

Rate % per year
Placement period
7-11 months
12-24 months
25-36 months
Monthly interest payment
Interest payment in the end of placement period
Profitability calculator
Investments sum
from 1 500 000 rubles to 30 000 000 rubles
Placement period
from 12 months to 48 months
1 200 000 rubles
3 000 000 rubles
Monthly income
50 000 rubles
Estimated rate is given before tax. Savings and interest are placed and paid in rubles, but the rates depend on the official currency course of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. They are not deposits accepted by credit organizations and are not insured in the system of obligatory deposit insurance for individuals on the banks of the Russian Federation.
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Microfinance sector development in Russia

The current economic situation in the country encourages individuals and small businesses to take loans.
Commercial banks provide more complex requirements for giving loans, so the amount of the loans
given by the microfinancial companies is increasing steadily. The speed of growth of microfinancial
market is higher than at the bank market.

According to the Central Bank statistics data in the second quarter of 2019 microfinancial organizations gave 103 billion rubles in loans, 90% of which were given to individuals. In general the microloan market increased by 9% in comparison with the previous period. Average sum of the loan given to individuals was 10.8 thousand rubles, to entities – 1.2 million rubles, to individual entrepreneurs – 0.95 million rubles.

Central Bank analysts notice that total net profit of microfinancial organizations at the end of the first half year 2019 increased more than twice in comparison with the same period of the previous year and was 7.1 billion rubles. The capital of the microfinancial organizations increased by 25% and was 95 billion rubles by the end of the quarter.

According to review made by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in September 2019, in the second quarter of 2019 microfinancial organizations attracted investments in amount of 21.7 billion rubles. This is the maximum amount in the last few years. In the first half year 1.7 thousand of individuals and entrepreneurs decided to invest in microfinancial organizations. The average sum of investment is 4.5 million rubles. The part of entities’ investments increased significantly comparing to the previous quarter.

In general the microfinancial market dynamics demonstrates a stable growth which continues for the first half year of 2019. It is represented in the amount of the given loans and their total sum, as well as in the sum of investments to the microfinancial organizations with the highest point of 21.7 billion rubles.

Company group indicators
Given, million of rubles
EBITDA, million of rubles The indicator characterizes financial efficiency. For a stable and developing company, it is positive and growing in dynamics.
*Cumulative data from all companies if the Finbridge group in accordance with the audited report.
Documents and reports
legal entity loan agreement
Download | 
Individual loan agreement
Download | 
Enterpreneur loan agreement
Download | 
Self-employed loan agreement
Download | 


Why does Finbridge Group attract private investments?

The company demonstrates the continuous growth and development of new projects. Attracting private investments allows the company to grow quicker and produce additional income.

Why does Finbridge Group pay high interest?

Long-term profitable relationships with our clients are more important than one- time super high profit. We give our investors an opportunity to make constant passive income like we do.

The reasons for high investment rates in Finbridge Group:
  1. Microfinancial organizations do not depend on the key rate when attracting clients’ investments, unlike the banks.
  2. Microfinancial profitability is higher than the banks one because of their business model.
  3. Net profit from a loan is between 35% and 60% with an average turnover period of 120 days.

Are investments in Finbridge Group insured?

No. The investments are not insured in any insurance company and are not insured separately. Finbridged Group is not included in the system of investment insurance.

What methods do you use to protect the investments?
  1. Diversification – we use different ways of conducting business to make profit and minimize risks.
  2. Scoring system – our scoring system is the best on the market and allows to consider many factors when evaluating the borrower.
  3. Reserve fund – creating the reserve fund in time for all business lines in accordance with the Central Bank requirements.
  4. Membership in SRO Edinstvo – following the laws and the act of the Russian Federation.

Is it possible to withdraw ahead of schedule?

Yes, according to the contract, you can withdraw the investments ahead of schedule.

Is income from the investments taxable?

Yes. 13% of individuals income are paid by Finbridge Group which acts as an agent. Legal entities are tax-free.

How and where can I sign the contract?

The contract of investment can be signed in the Finbridge group office or in any place convenient for you.

What documents do I need to sign the contract?


Ruble account details where interest will be transferred to

How is interest paid?

The interest is transferred to the account mentioned in the contract, monthly.

Are there any additional commissions?

There are no additional commissions. The Finbridge Group compensates for the transfer commission from its bank. When the company pays the interest and returns the loan it pays the commission.

How can I learn the contract details?

General conditions of the loan can be found on our site.

All condition may also be discussed individually on the phone

8 800 700 35 56

Why is minimal invested restricted to 1.5 million rubles?

This is the threshold established by law which is controlled not by Finbridge Group but microfinancial market regulator.

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  • Prolong the contract
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  • Wire transfer to any bank account
  • Monthly or in the end of placement period

We will help you to save your money and increase your savings


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